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Drabblings and Ditties

Because my fingers need exercise

5 January 1986
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Name: Brian
Age: 23
Location: Dahlonega, GA.
Sexual Orientation: Gay...ish.
-book: Death By Black Hole, and other cosmic quandaries
-music: Anything but rap and some country [read: twangy slow songs about dogs and wives running away]
-animal: Cat.
-day: Friday
-number: 5, and yet I hate prime numbers. Snobby bastards them prime numbers be. 5 is cool though, it adds up nice and neat.
-movie: Star Wars IV, V, and VI. None of this I, II, and III crap.
-game: OREGON TRAIL II. You know you still love it.
-color: Blue/Green...also clear.
-drink: Dirty Girlscout, aka That-Awesome-Mint-Chocolate-Drink-That-Happens-To-Be-Alcoholic.
-holiday: Halloween. Scaring children pleases my soul. Also candy is godly.
-candy: Anything with almonds or pecans...or really anything with nuts.