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25 September 2009 @ 08:53 pm
Vincent x Gabriel. You've been warned. First person Vincent. Not really great at this but hey it's something.


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19 September 2009 @ 10:23 pm
I blame you Ran. I truly do.

Just my own creation stuff. First off is the base materials and then the elements which get mixed in to give the Golems their traits. I may bring in a precious stones/gem section to give the Golems even more customizability and powers.

Main base ingredients


Kaolin - A very robust material that lends the Golem made from it with a higher degree of strength, yet it is not the most maleable and must be cast carefully or will come out looking malformed. This is a better suited base material for indestinct Golem shapes used for mostly guarding and security purposes rather than more skilled and dexterous tasks. The humanoid class of Golems are not generally made out of this type of clay due to the extreme difficulty of adding detail.

Fire Clay - A reddish hued clay that is easier to work with than Kaolin, mostly. It leaves the Golem with a red tint. Despite the name it does not imbue the Golem with any fire elemental powers or resistance.

Earthenware - A clay that contains fairly high concentrations of iron giving it a greater strength. Used primarily for the giant Golems who take on an almost earth elemental appearance, often mistaken for boulders when they are at rest. Useful for moving large amounts of earth for building as well as for defense.

Stoneware - As the name implies this clay is the strongest of its class. Used for Golems where strength is a priority. Usually leaves a dullish grey hue to the Golems made from it though other pigmentation may be added.

Porcelain - The clay most often employed when making humanoid Golems. It is a difficult substance to work with having very low plasticity and therefore requires a high level of dedication and perserverance to make a detailed humanoid Golem from. The Golem's "skin" tone can vary depending on pigmentation, if added. If no pigmentation is added the Golem will have extremely pale and smooth "skin". It is not a very strong substance and is thus not a first choice for Golems needed in protection or military situations.


Gold - A very expensive base material to start with and a very weak one at that. Generally used only by the extremely wealthy and only for servant purposes. Being that Gold Powder is also used to imbue a Golem with intellect and self-awareness these Golems also possess such qualities. This makes them useful as scholars in simple tasks or assistants and servants. A gold Golem is extremely rare owing to the fact that a great deal of gold is required in order to mold the shape desired.

Silver - Another expensive and weak metal. Since Silver Dust is used to give a Golem an attachment to the magical realm these Golems inherently possess such a power. They are commonly used as wizard assistants or on the battlefield casting offensive or protective spells from a distance. They are also costly to make and thus rare.

Iron - A very strong and common material making the Golems formed from it very formidable in battle. Can be made into many shapes to fit the desired need. When humanoid they are not often given many details as they are generally used for combat and do not need to be asthetically pleasing.

Bronze - Not as strong as Iron but the Golems made from this alloy look more stately and official yet cost less than gold and are not by default self-aware and intelligent. They make for good guards of estates.

Natural Products

Wood - A variety of sources and utlities make this an ideal choice for Golems to be used as grunts. Different trees can imbue these Golems with different strengths but they all have a similar weakness: fire. They burn quickly and are therefore not ideal for use anywhere fire may be a hazard. They are relatively cheap to make and if you are a skilled craftsman they can be as detailed as the creator sees fit.

Plant Life - Harder to sculpt than most materials, these Golem generally are more amorphous in design and their plants retain a lifelike quality. Vines can be employed as snares and they make for good traps in wooded locales or places heavy in foliage.

Cadavers - A more grotesque material used primarily by those with the intent to strike fear by using body parts in order to form their Golems. Necromancers seem to favor this method and it is ubiquitously thought of as evil.

Animal Remains - Also a very Necromatic trait. These Golems can be a mixing of animal parts and generally are quite grotesque.

The Elements

Antimony - A metalloid substance that resembles a metal in appearance and physical properties yet does not react chemically like a metal. Added to a Golem's constitution antimony generates a more wildlike nature and animalistic qualities. Best served for guard 'dog' like Golems or for when you have need for a mixture of power and a hunter's skill.

Arsenic - A notoriously poisonous metalloid substance. While deadly to humans it has no such effect on Golems. It has three allotropic forms; yellow, black, and grey. The yellow form grants intellect and clarity of mind, giving the Golem a higher level of intelligence. The black form commands mastery from the Golem, making it capable of mastering specific skills dependent on the Will of its creator and the Design it was made in. The grey form of arsenic is a balancing agent and is used often in the more humanoid forms of Golems to stabilize their "psyche".

Copper - A red hued metal notoriously linked to Venus/Aphrodite. The addition of copper to a Golem can imbue it with beauty and artistic creativity. Often used by the alchemists seeking to restore a former lover to life.

Gold - A very expensive transition metal and one of the most valued elements. The addition of this element grants the Golem self-awareness and perfection of mind. It allows a Golem to act in the interests of its Creator without having to be explicitly commanded. Good for when the Creator does not have the time or the desire to dole out every command but would rather the Golem intuitively learn the Will of its Creator and follow it through with a limited amount of free-thinking. It does not grant a Golem free-will as this is impossible to do.

Iron - a very common metal and believed to be the tenth most abundant in the known universe. Adding iron to a Golem gives it physical strength and more male character and energy.

Lead - a bluish-white metal. Lead will give a Golem an understanding of the philosophies and when combined with gold will lead a Golem to a greater understanding of Self and what it is to be a Golem. Not a very widely used combination for the more mechanical Golems as they have no need to ponder on the meaning of life. For scholarly assistants this combination is highly preferred.

Magnesium - a flammable metal when in thin strips and once ignited it is difficult to extinguish. As such this metal gives the Golem a near infinite life flame, making it difficult to destroy. A very sought after material for soldier Golems.

Mercury - A metal that is liquid at room temperature. When added to a Golem Mercury gives it a significant increase in mental speed, able to process multiple sources of information at once along with storing information. Useful for the scholars who wish to have a personal database walking beside them which can easily and quickly retrieve stored information at the Command of its Creator.

Phosphorous - Represents spiritual illumination. Adding phosphorous to a Golem ties it to its maker through Spirit, giving the Creator a greater degree of freedom in control of his/her Golem. Combined with gold it will grant a Golem a very perceptive nature, often anticipating commands before even the Creator realizes that he wishes it done.

Platinum - Imbues the Golem with perserverence and a greater endurance. A choice element for Golems designed for a specific task that they will doggedly persue until either it is completed or they are utterly destroyed.

Salt - A required component for Golem creation. Being seen as the base matter, salt is used as a base component believed to be neccessary in the combination of other ingredients.

Silver - Another of the expensive metals though it is less costly and rare as gold. Silver is used to give a Golem intuition, inner wisdom, and contemplation. Most sought after by the scholars for use in their Golem assistants for the task of research that can be done independently of the Creator.

Sulfur - A yellow crystalline solid that when added to a Golem gives it something that could be akin to a soul. The symbol for sulfur represents the triad of ascention which can be viewed as a holy trinity. Sulfur is a necessary ingredient in Golemology to bring the Golem to "life". Without it the Golem remains a machine with no ability to move other than when commanded to do so. Varying amounts of sulfur will have varying effects. A small amount will give 'life' to a Golem but leave it a drone whereas a high concentration of sulfur will give the Golem the same sense of right and wrong as the Creator has.

Tin - Another necessary element for creating a Golem. Being ruled by Jupiter this element is often associated with the Breath of Life. Without it no Golem can even be animated in the first place, whether as a simple machine or as a more complex 'individual'.
29 August 2009 @ 01:20 pm

"All systems are a go. Ensign Vadi, status update?" The senior officer on this two-man experiment turned in his pilot's chair to give a sidelong glance at the Bajoran born Ensign sitting beside him at the engineering controls.

"Narib, sir." If the boy's nose could crinkle any further it might have at being called by his first name. A common mistake made by almost all non-Bajoran's.

"Excuse me, Ensign?"

"It's Ensign Narib, Sir, Vadi is my first name. It's an old Bajoran custom my parents couldn't quite give up on." There were a lot of old customs his parents weren't too keen on giving up on. Starfleet had been a welcomed escape from tradition, but he still kept to the name order of his people.

"Ensign Narib then, I still want that status update." Narib, Vadi, whatever, he'd sort out the name later when this test was over and done with. There was already enough to think about as they prepped the class 7 shuttle for it's first trial run of the new transwar technology.

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Need to fill out more of this but it's what I have so far for my unnamed steampunk-ish girl. Emphasis on the punk, not so Victorian. Maybe post-apocalyptic of sorts, far enough along that some form of government has taken root once more. Dunno.

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04 August 2009 @ 12:38 am
Please let me be dead. Eyelids might as well have been steel gates as I lay in the murky waters unwilling to open them. The blast had knocked my body backward and mercilessly into the trench. No time to pity myself, with a force of will I opened my eyes to the black and acrid smoke and dust swirling above me in a haze of death itself. At least it wasn’t the gas, my mask was down around my neck and I can’t remember if that was from the force of falling of if I hadn’t had it on to begin with. Irrelevant. The oddity of it all was the deafening silence that accompanied scenery which should be fraught with sound.

My head is spinning but I manage to pull myself to my feet, the heavy wool of my uniform is now soaked through and feels at least fifty pounds heavier. I can’t afford to be sluggish and despite the frigid air I peel back the layers and toss them to dry land above me. I don’t even have time to assess any personal injuries I may have, there’s a boy of fifteen huddled to the trench wall and he’s bleeding fast. For now, for this moment, he is my only concern. I try yelling to him but I still can’t even hear the sound of my own voice, the ringing refuses to stop. How close had that shell come? Before I can shrug off the thought I see another rocket tail. It’s useless to yell, my hand shoots out until it finds fabric and I tug down as hard as I can, seeking refuge for us both in the placid and death infused waters. The blast sends a shockwave of expelled energy and both the boy and I are sloshed to the wall, my arm around him feels the weight of earth caving in.

I refuse to be buried alive. Of all the deaths I can envision that is one I want to avoid at all costs. The trench’s walls were made for shelter but they can no longer withstand weeks of rain and a barrage of missiles. By the time I’ve clawed my way to the surface I’m covered in mud and the boy in my arm is coughing. At least he's alive. Once I get us both to our feet I notice he isn't wearing a helmet. It must have been lost in the confusion. My ears are still ringing so I don't bother speaking, I reach up to my chin and unfasten the straps and sit the too big helmet on his head. With a thunk my knuckles rap on the top with a reassuring smile that I don't at all feel. "You'll live," I want to say, but I'm not a great liar.  I'm no longer sure I'll live, in fact, I'm already dead.

I can't worry about myself, I'm already gone, that's how I have to see it. My life is already over, probably floating down the diseased waters of the trench, but these boys --they still have their lives and I can focus all my energy on them. If I make it out of this hell, maybe then I learn how to live again.

07 June 2009 @ 03:06 am
Setting: Three weeks after the first deployment of the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Kirk's command. Alternate-Universe (Movie).

Space really was the final frontier. It would be irresponsible of him to dwell on its vastness in conjunction with the recent demise of his home-world of Vulcan, but the thoughts were there. They hovered just beneath an icy determined control, like shadows beneath the surface of a frozen lake. In meditation the events leading up to and after it’s destruction played over in precise clarity and time and time again he denied himself the abandon of emotion. One by one he locked them away. Fear, regret, sorrow, and anguish, but most of all his anger.

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02 June 2009 @ 05:29 pm
Space Pirates! Original character for a new genre. Taylon Karde. Subject to some changes as we go along but this is the basic idea.

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01 June 2009 @ 09:25 pm
Detaching was never my issue, in fact I excel at it. Even with the strained syllables in Gabriel's voice I don't let them affect me. I can't. The moment I do is the moment I start to get weaker and weaker until someone, or both of us, ends up dead. Someone has to keep a level head around here and I silently volunteer. "Because it's what I do, Gabe." That should be a simple enough response to his question of why I hunt, but I can hear the light sigh even if Gabriel tried to hide it. "It would be wonderful to believe everything that's out there has a choice to be good or evil and that, like you, it chooses to be good, but it doesn't work that way. If you think it's just werewolves and vampires, I envy your innocence." Envied it and wanted to protect it, but how could I argue my point without letting Gabriel know the depths that other world went to. "At least I make the distinction now, between those who can choose and those that can't or won't." I wasn't the Order now, I had my own set of rules and my own freedom to hunt what I wanted to. Gabriel had to understand at least that much. It never was about the killing for me, I was always detached from it.

I could hear through the silence those words left unspoken and if I tried I knew I could enter Gabriel’s mind and pick it apart for what I needed to know. It was tempting, I am not going to lie. Will power was never a shortcoming for me and I held back the reigns of my mental powers with a practiced ease. If it became vital to get my point across perhaps I would delve into that artistic mind to better understand how to talk to him, but until then I could not and would not invade his privacy. 

“My innocence?” Gabriel’s voice was almost foreign to my ears, perhaps I had struck a nerve. “How ironic.”

“A poor choice of words,” I conceded without losing any argumentative ground. “You have a good deal of understanding about your own ‘condition’,” I chose my words carefully, this was treacherous and very uncharted ground my feet were treading over. Highly unpredictable. “However, I doubt you know what else is really out there, and I’m not talking about the Fey Children and their courts; they are truly children in comparison.”

“Comparison to what? I know there’s something you’re not telling me Vincent, I’ve known for weeks now  and I’ve given you the time and the opportunity to share it with me. Now I’m insisting.”

That was a slight shock. Gabriel excelled at patience, this much I knew, but I had not picked up on his willingness to keep curiosity at bay. I wouldn’t have. I would have backed him into a metaphorical, and possibly physical, wall and forced the information out of him if he ever kept something of importance from me. In my defense it was for Gabriel’s own protection that I kept him in the so called ‘dark’.

“You were a religious man once and possibly still are,” I started to ease him into it drawing on personal experience to help explain the very real threat everyone faced yet had no clue about. “Then maybe it won’t be so difficult for you to believe that hell is very real.”

I let my arms fold across my chest, a position I liked to take when I felt vulnerable. Why I felt vulnerable in front of Gabriel I couldn’t tell. Perhaps because I was opening up a new world for him and it wasn’t one I ever wanted to be a part of let alone share. “In the past few months there have been over eighty possessions in this city alone. Some of them are repeats so that does not represent the actual number of demonic presence here but I wouldn’t celebrate just yet. Only a year ago one or two possessions were the most The Order would ever see…globally.”

The silence was deafening and I would give anything for it to break. It was understandable that Gabriel needed time to process that kind of information but the anticipation and anxiety were starting to get to me. Idly I wondered just how antsy I looked with my fingers now sweeping over my shirt checking for missing buttons or wrinkles to smooth out.

“What does this mean?” Oddly enough Gabriel didn’t sound nervous or upset. Why should that surprise me? There was a certain calmness about Gabe that drew me a pace closer. Maybe it would rub off. I wasn’t panicked, at least not yet, and I rarely ever let it show when I was anxious but at the moment I was fairly sure Gabriel could see it. If I didn’t know what anxiety looked like how was I supposed to know what exactly I should be hiding?

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly. Perhaps the uncertainty was what bothered me the most. I never did well with the unknown. “The Order seems to think we’re facing Armageddon, aharit ha-yamim,
Ragnarok, Qiyamah, or whatever it is you want to call it. I’m not so dramatic but I do believe we’re about to go to war and that souls do lie in the balance. Now, ask me again why I’m still hunting.”

“But what can you, one man, do about it?” There were times I appreciated Gabriel’s blunt honesty, this was not one of those times. “I don’t mean to insult you, Vincent,” did I look insulted, I thought to myself with a frown tugging at my lips, “but you’re just one man. Putting yourself at risk needlessly won’t stop this potential war and if it’s as bad as you think it is then what do you hope to accomplish?”

I didn’t like being brought into question like that, especially not by Gabe who clearly had no right to judge my abilities. What I hated most, though, was the fact that he was right and that I wanted to have no part in admitting it. “What does it matter? I’ll be damned before I sit on my ass and do nothing. Maybe burying your head in the sand worked for you all these years but that’s not my style.”

“I do hope,” Gabriel started in a tone that bordered on agitation but was tempered with strained patience, “that you are not calling me a coward.”

Had I said that? Maybe I hinted at it. Either way I hadn’t meant it like that. It irritated me that Gabriel would throw it back in my face in that unnervingly calm manner of his. “I don’t have to call you a coward when you act like one.” I was angry and really he was asking for it with that borderline passive aggressive attitude of his. I wished he’d just yell at me so we could get this over with already.

“The only thing I’m afraid of,” Gabriel went on as if he wasn’t bothered by my aggression which only fanned the flames of my anger, “is you getting yourself killed for this. The Order isn’t going to “bury it’s head in the sand”, to borrow a line from you, and sooner or later they’re going to take notice.”

I laughed. It was a derisive sound that passed my lips before I had time to think better of it. “You think The Order is the biggest of my problems? Gabriel I haven’t been hunting vampires or wolves or even misguided Fey Children, I’ve been tracking demons. If you think the Order is going to come after me for doing their job for them then you don’t understand the magnitude of the situation here. They don’t even have the resources to go after our kind any more. They barely have the resources to fend off this new wave of demonic presence. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered me a job at this point.”

“You say that as if it’s supposed to ease my mind. It doesn’t. But,” I could hear the sigh in Gabriel’s voice, “you’ll do what you want. I can only hope that you’ll be safe.”

I was infuriated and frankly I’m not even sure I had any right to be. Why couldn’t Gabriel just have it out with me so this could all be over with? Did he always have to be this difficult when he was right? I should have said I was sorry, I should have said I understood, I should have said anything but what came out of my mouth. “You’re damn right I will.”

My independence is everything. When I fight, I fight alone. The price for this alienation tonight would be a very big and empty bed. As I slammed my bedroom door shut I had to wonder if it was at all worth it. Maybe the price of independence was higher than I could afford.

26 May 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Ran always has this way of inspiring a Vincent muse. It's been far too long but that's what vacationing will do to you. I look forward to routine again in a week or so. At any rate I decided to do something I'm not entirely good at and so this is written in *GASP* first person. I wanted some practice with a style I don't tend to enjoy. I actually love how this turned out, shockingly.

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15 May 2009 @ 07:57 pm
Been a while but I'm back at it, somewhat. I'm on vacation at the moment but I had a muse and Jack had class so the result was some writing. I'm not completely satisfied with it but then again I'm never completely satisfied with most that I do.

Warning: STAR TREK. Has NOTHING to do with the new movie, which by the way was fuckin' spectacular and awesome and I loved it.

For any fans who'd like to know this is set in 2367 at the battle of Wolf 359. And don't tell me that the massacre left no one but the Enterprise alive because that means you've never seen Deep Space 9. Hello, Sisko and Jake? Not to mention everyone else who managed to get into escape pods and make it out alive. Sorry, but some twit who thinks he knows it all told me no one else survived this battle and he's just dead WRONG. I like being right. Feels great.

Engineering!” the captain's voice pierced the thick air of main engineering over the bustling officers scurrying about like ants trying to repair their hopelessly damaged hill. “Status report,” he demanded.


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