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20 December 2009 @ 04:28 am
Scene 3  
Picks up after scene 1, I guess I'm calling it. Back with Elym, Seyd, and Kerigan.
bythemilligram (5:21:38 PM): The weight of what he'd done, the choice he'd made, was a heavy one for Elym to bear. He was nearly lost in his preoccupation till Seyd spoke up, and then he reflexively looked up. For a moment, he was quiet. "She is not my maker," he finally said. "This is my place." Even with the disturbing emptiness where his former bond to his master had been, he had developed a remarkable sense of loyalty. Kerigan, for his part, didn't know enough about golems to recognize how significant that was. He was much more concerned, and understandably so, with the impending end of the world. "So this ring. How do we get it?"
thmightykeyboard (5:29:25 PM): Seyd was more curious about this response than touched but he couldn't really spend the time trying to question Elym for suitable answers when there were important tasks to be dealt with. For one, finding that ring. Kerigan certainly had his mind on that track and so the golemologist dragged his attention from his assistant, "I'm sure there are a few texts that may help to direct us...though..." and here he tried to broach the topic with some caution. "It may be a myth, no one is exactly sure of the ring's origin or existence...but we have to try, right? Elym...would you happen to know which documents would be pertinent to our research?"
bythemilligram (5:38:42 PM): Great. Their best shot at getting this under control was the stuff of legends, and legends were notorious for not always being true. Kerigan didn't like the sound of that. Elym, however, took his maker's words at face value, and cocked his head as he mentally ran through the vast library he'd read and learned from. "There is a chapter in the Kyrien Volumes about the ring," he answered after a few minutes, "but it's vague. The Mysteries have more information. However, as you know, they are only partially translated."
thmightykeyboard (5:50:28 PM): Seyd sighed in agreement. "And the only ones who can fully translate them with any amount of accuracy are the priorate's parlomancers...and even then only the most skilled ones." Not exactly like they could simply walk in and ask for a translated copy of a holy text, and breaking in was damn near impossible. There were charms and amulets all over the building, not to mention wards and scripts built in like passcodes. It wasn't exactly a mission for a bookish golemologist, his creation, and an ex-soldier. "Should we be taking this matter to them?" On the one hand it could mean getting a few zealots ready to help end the world but they all couldn't be ready to die, right? There were some sects who were against the aid of the Imari.
bythemilligram (5:59:43 PM): He was understandably wary to approach anyone from that side of the plaza, but it didn't sound like they had much choice. Besides, if there was one thing he'd learned, it was that the faithful had a great talent for infighting. If there was a group that actually wanted this thing to destroy the world (damned psychopaths) then there was bound to be a group that didn't. "We'd have to talk to the right people. There was a guy years ago who headed off one of the more moderate sects in this town...Haza. Alin Haza." But hell, that was years ago, and he frowned thoughtfully. "I don't know the names of anyone who was under him." "But the priorate would," Elym chimed in.
thmightykeyboard (6:03:51 PM): "You didn't happen to be in his military service during the great conflict, did you? An official seal of his office would get you to the right places without many questions asked." Since no real issues had been solved during that war they had agreed on a truce and any business in one sect was that sect's business, getting too nosey was never a good idea. Otherwise he was sure they'd be questioned mercilessly unless they thought of another plan.
bythemilligram (6:08:25 PM): "Not me," he answered, glancing aside. "But I can get that seal." No sense wasting time. He got to his feet. "Find out whatever you can about this thing we're looking for. I don't keep those papers with me." He'd have to go home to retreive them; it wasn't far. It felt a little strange, maybe even a little wrong to do what he was going to. But it was for the sake of preventing another war. Efran would have wanted that much.
thmightykeyboard (6:15:38 PM): "Alright, you can meet back here, I'll inform the front to give you full access." With a nod he bustled himself over to the books. They hadn't a great deal of time and he had quite the research work to do. "Elym...try to find any references you can concerning the Imari and the Great War. We may have to go on hints and references rather than straight literature fact. Cross reference your knowledge banks with what you find, pick out any similarities and agreements between texts, that will most likely be our greatest hope." Seeing as how they did not have The Mysteries on hand, only the higher ups of the priorate had access to it.
bythemilligram (6:24:23 PM): It was a hefty task - the sort of thing research golems were created for. It was far easier for him to store and catalog all this information than for a human to do the same. He tagged along after Seyd, then went quiet as his mind worked, sorting through his records. That was enough to give him a few good starting points - he had a general understanding of most of the collection, but would have to actually find the specifics himself, and set about doing just that, till he'd accumulated a good stack of books and scrolls to work through.  Fortunately, he was built for efficiency in that. By the time he returned, Elym had worked his way through that stack, and he had what he'd gone after. "I'm not sure if this'll count for enough to get us in smoothly," he admitted, holding up the old, well-worn and folded paper he'd brought back. "But if whoever's filled in for Haza is anything like he was, it should." Elym glanced up from where he sat, tilting his head to peer up at the paper. "A conscription notice. Yours?" Kerigan quietly tucked it back into his pocket. "Not mine. I didn't serve under Haza."
thmightykeyboard (6:52:02 PM): Seyd was curious (wasn't he always?) but he had enough social grace not to pester the man about his past affiliations in the war. Whatever he had he held protectively, indicating enough to the golemologist that this was personal. "Then do you think we could get in? Or should you perhaps go alone?" It was always a toss up whether or not his kind would be welcome in the priorate, often times it was not the case to be ushered right in.
bythemilligram (6:57:21 PM): "You better come. You have a better sense of what we're looking for. Bring him too," he added, nodding towards Elym. He'd picked up on the golem's usefulness as sort of a walking library; might come in handy. He understood the politics of it - scientists were viewed with disdainful suspicion by the religious types, and vice versa, but it wouldn't do them any good for him to get in by himself and not know what he was doing there. He needed some inside intelligence, and that was where Seyd came in.
thmightykeyboard (7:09:24 PM): "Alright, then let's not waste any time. Elym, you can cross reference on the way." Odd how it seemed their bond was tampered with yet his golem still followed his commands. Something to look into at a later time. Ah but how interesting it would be to learn more. With Kerigan and Elym in tow they made their way down to the lobby and out the wide double doors. The plaza seemed so normal and mundane in light of who had possibly walked right out these doors in front of their faces. Seyd couldn't say he liked the sight of the domineering building in front of them but he trailed along across marble vaneer and soon, all too soon, they arrived at the ornate doors of the priorate. The building was no less impressive on the inside where the ceiling arched up almost into the sky and intricate, priceless pieces of work adorned the walls and hung as tapestries. No sooner had they stepped foot inside a wisened little man appeared, striding up to them as if he were a towering giant. "What business have you? Mm? Hm? What business?" Seyd heard three distinct raps from the man's cane on the tiled floor. "We...ah...we..." "Speak up boy! Spit it out, spit it out. I don't have all day."
bythemilligram (7:55:59 PM): Kerigan didn't like bureaucrats. (Then again, who did? Other bureaucrats?) At Seyd's flustering, he stepped forward, direct and firm as ever. "We need to speak to Alin Haza, or whoever succeeded him. It's important." His hand was in his pocket, resting on the conscription notice; he'd hoped they could get in without invoking it, but this little man obviously had some sense of power, so there might be no getting around it.
thmightykeyboard (8:06:26 PM): Behind half moon glasses were two little eyes full of a fire that seemed out of place on his aged body and they were peering up suspiciously at Kerigan. "Alin Haza is no longer with us, he belongs to the spirit now. You wish to see Maester Ji-Han, a very busy man. Give me your names and if he knows of what business he has with you," a very skeptical glance, as if the little man had a very hard time believing one so important did, "then I shall call on you to meet him at his convenience."
bythemilligram (8:10:19 PM): And this was *why* he didn't like bureaucrats. What should have been over and done with quickly never was. "This can't wait for 'convenience'," he countered sharply. He was tempted to say exactly why they were there, but mentioning the Imari to some official of unclear beliefs...it might serve them well, or it might be a disaster. He glanced briefly to Seyd, as if to ask if he had any ideas here, then looked back to the little man. "My brother served under Haza. This Ji-Han can spare a minute for us."
thmightykeyboard (8:19:49 PM): "Well," the older man seemed to shrug, "it's your choice to bother the Maester with somthing foolish, you had best be sure, hm hm, yes, you had best be sure it is of importance. Now, come along, cannot have you getting lost and wandering places you shouldn't be. No no," he chittered to himself as he teetered along the grand hall with their little group in tow, "cannot have that at all. Keep up, keep up."
bythemilligram (8:25:23 PM): Weird little guy. But at least he was taking them to this Ji-Han guy. Maester, he'd said - which meant he ought to have some influence, and some knowledge. They'd need both if they were going to get their hands on that ring. He just had to trust that whoever had followed in Haza's footsteps would share his basic ideals - and hopefully some of his sympathy. It always amazed him how many of these religious heads were willing to send their own to the slaughter. Haza, at least, had shown some humanity about it all.
thmightykeyboard (8:33:13 PM): Their guide peeked his head inside the ornate office doors, "Maester Ji-Han, you have visitors. Shall I send them away? The one claims his brother served Alin Haza and he has some business with you. The other appears to be a scholar with his pet golem, I told them not to bother you but they were insistent." Seyd wanted to interject at that point but thought their chances would be better if he kept a polite silence for the moment.
bythemilligram (8:38:59 PM): Ji-Han had been in quiet reflection since the departure of his long-time student - he might not have *looked* busy, but his mind was tracing out everything that would come next, the inevitable schism, the fighting, the dangers of the Imari falling into any one group's hands - especially the one Bheid had so rashly gone off to support. He was interrupted from his meditation by the guide's words, and opened his eyes, glancing over. They sounded like a rather unusual group - especially the scholar, for when did they ever come over here? - but Ji-Han's years of experience had taught him not to dismiss anything too quickly. "Show them in."
thmightykeyboard (8:46:59 PM): The little man looked impressed by the response and ushered the very strange group into the prestigous office before bowing out to return to his duties. Seyd glanced around in awe. There wasn't much over extravagance to the room, it seemed stately by just how tastefully done it was. Sitting at the ornate desk was a very stately looking man and Seyd faltered not knowing quite what to say. "We...ah...sir, that is...we would very much like to know your stance on the Imari..." What a way to break the ice, but Seyd delt with books and Elym most of his days, he was certainly not used to this environment.
bythemilligram (8:52:49 PM): It was the sort of thing a man in his position got asked from time to time - and that was fair enough, he thought. People had a right to know what their religious leaders really believed. But this particular question, with such noteworthy timing, didn't seem like it could be a coincidence. Still. Perhaps it was. Either way, it would do him no good to start interrogating them about why they would ask such a thing. There was a question before him, and so he answered, fingers laced together in a reflective gesture. "I recognize it as a source of great change and upheaval. But I would also say that such change can never come smoothly, and perhaps shouldn't come at all. Not at the cost of mortal life. And now, if I might ask a question of my own...who are you?" The inquiry was a polite enough one, but he was curious.
thmightykeyboard (9:04:49 PM): "I am Seyd Isuldri, head golemologist. This is my golem and assistant Elym and a new aquiantance of ours Kerigan Haoti, I believe his brother was in your predecessor's service." He let that get digested as he thought over the response he'd so generously gotten and then cleared his throat. "You see...by some happenstance there was a golem brought in to me for study, I found it curious she had holy scriptures written on her and well...I read one of them. In any event, she's awake, Zhyal that was her name, and we have reason to believe she is the Imari. We've come to you with this in hopes that something can be done to stop her before she...well...destroys our world." Seemed resonable, right?
bythemilligram (9:14:58 PM): Well, that was quite a lot to swallow. The first questions to cross his mind - who had referred him here, and wasn't Haoti an unusual name for this part of the world? - were immediately eclipsed by what this Seyd had to say next. Ji-Han was glad he was sitting down already. "You were the one to awaken her?" he asked, eyes fixed on the golemologist. He and Bheid had both been able to tell it had happened nearby - but as nearby as that? Even he hadn't expected that. He seemed sincere, which only made this more sobering. "You have unleashed something fearsome, Seyd Isuldri." If he sounded stern, who could blame him? But after a moment, his expression softened, just a little. "Though if such a golem were left to move through the world, someone would have awoken her eventually. If not you, then another. Did she speak to you? Tell you of her intentions?"
thmightykeyboard (9:25:21 PM): His neck still ached even at the memory and the dark welts were still prominent indications of a magical burn. "She seemed surprised to know that golems have makers and are under the control of man. When I attempted to reverse her seal and put her back how she had been...well...I didn't succeed. She's quite powerful, really. She wouldn't say were she was going and I wasn't conscious at that point."
bythemilligram (9:33:54 PM): Elym had something to add to that. "She can do something," he explained. "To golems. She can make us...." He frowned. "She separates us from our makers, and then asks us to follo her instead. She'll do it to others, now." Ji-Han was briefly surprised to hear a golem speak up like that - without direction or prompting from his master - but that fit with what he was saying. "It makes sense. Creatures built of earth and clay are in the Imari's realm, in the ancient stories. They would provide an army for her." "That's what we're worried about," Kerigan confirmed.
thmightykeyboard (9:47:01 PM): "Mm yes, so it would seem she has that ability, I didn't witness it myself but i have seen the changes in Elym and they are quite unnatural." And now? He wasn't sure whether this Ji-Han would toss them out of the priorate building or have them put under some kind of religious arrest for the crime of waking such a threat. "We think that perhaps The Mysteries would be of service in finding the ancient ring said to have the power to control her. We wanted to offer our services but only to someone with the intention of stopping her, not using her for their own gain. You certainly seem like a man who wants her stopped, not used."
bythemilligram (9:53:38 PM): Ji-Han closed his eyes. "Trying to use that kind of power for one's own gain can only end in destruction. It was never meant to be wielded as such. And now that mankind has flourished, that kind of wild energy will bring destruction, no matter what." After Bheid's defection, it was reassuring to hear from those who still held true to the less...dangerous beliefs. He looked up to them once more, slowly standing from his seat. "If you think you can help, then I welcome that offer. Any hand offering aid in these times is a welcome one."