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12 December 2009 @ 09:00 pm
The Psychotic Bitches Love Me  
Proof that I somehow attract the clinically and possibly criminally insane. I swear I did nothing knowingly to provoke this IM except for one snarky offhanded comment in the chatroom which I then dismissed because it wasn't important. I get this IM followed by another on another sn once I ignored her for the first time. Look at the crazy! Just too damn funny not to share. I'm science_is_progress but that should be obvious.

guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: If Ashley has 4 apples.
science_is_progress: The hell do you want?
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: And Timothy as 3.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: And Johnny has none.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: Why doesn't Johnny shape up and act like a human so he can have a friend give him one?
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: Come back when you've got an answer to that.
science_is_progress: Go take a long walk off a short cliff.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: I'd love to see you do that
science_is_progress: The fuck's the matter with you?
science_is_progress: I don't have to like you.
science_is_progress: I don't have to play nice.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: ... Guys ... Like you ...
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: They bug me.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: I wonder ...
science_is_progress: So go fuck yourself and be done with it.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: 'How does he EVER expect to have friends when he treats potential friends like shit?"
science_is_progress: Why the HELL would I want to be your friend?
science_is_progress: I have my group of friends. I don't need you.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: I don't want you to be my friend.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: You're an asshole, I'm compatible with grateful people.
science_is_progress: Good. This conversation is both pointless and over.
science_is_progress: Now piss off, you're dismissed.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: You can say it's over.
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: But one way or another
guardiangodofthekusabanaclan: I'll say what I have to say.
science_is_progress: Go look up the meaning of dismissed.
science_is_progress: While you're at it look up ignored.
science_is_progress: G'day

And now because she was ignored she switches sns just to bother me again.

supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: So I think ... "Maybe he's lonely ... But if he really wanted company, he wouldn't treat anyone like this, because as we all know, if you want friends, you have to act like you want them, and not like a stagnant pile of flaming shit." Which, inevitably makes me woner about you, but then I come to realize ... You either don't want better for yourself, and have become complacent with mediocrity, or that something happened in your recent past to make you push away anyone who wasn't -already- in your circle at the time.
science_is_progress: Now you're just showing me how pathetic you are.
science_is_progress: But hey, thanks for the laugh.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: x3 Not really ...
science_is_progress: Now go obsess over someone else
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: If you liked, I could -actually- harrass you.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Drop your name on 4chan, tell em all you're a furry, and have them bomb you with fucking IMs
science_is_progress: I'm sharing this with my real friends and having a laugh at your expense so go on and keep it up
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I don't mind ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: It's the irony of the situation.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Because to me
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: The ... IDEA
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Of you having a real life friend
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Is a laugh, in and of itself
science_is_progress: Shows how little you know.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Friends aren't what cold assholes like you have
science_is_progress: But I already knew that.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: You have people who think you're their friend
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: That you use.
science_is_progress: Dude, who the fuck are you?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Does it matter?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I'm just some ignorant fuck tard.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Right?
science_is_progress: You don't even know me. We've had what? Five secons of chat contact and you spout this shit like you're some kind of internet Dr. Phil?
science_is_progress: Please.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Not exactly
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I'm trying to get my mind around you.
science_is_progress: I can't possibly take your load of crap seriously.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: You know ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: It's funny ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I hear about people like you all the time.
science_is_progress: That's great.
science_is_progress: Now, do you have a point?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I'd like you to not be a complete asshole :3
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: But ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Wishful thinking
science_is_progress: I'd like you do jump off a cliff.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Again
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Wishful thinking
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Well ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I'm gonna go, and leave you to spend the next 10 years of your misterable life behind the safety of your screen.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: And you get what you want
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Which is absolutely nothing out of life, right?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: x3
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Well, it's not for lack of trying, anyways
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: But seriously.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Take care.
science_is_progress: Dude, really, did I used to be your friend or some shit?
science_is_progress: Or are you just this unstable on a normal day?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Hmn ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Well ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: To be truthful?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: You know Ash, don't you?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Ash who's dating a guy named Jonathan?
science_is_progress: Which one?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Or rather
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Is uhh ...
science_is_progress: Girl Ash?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Engaged to one.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Girl ash.
science_is_progress: I know her, yeah in chat.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: *Nods* Hmn ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: No, no, it's fine
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Yeah, just call me unstable, and leave it at that.
science_is_progress: Yeah you obviously need to be medicated.
science_is_progress: If you've got a problem specifically with me you can bring that specific problem up with me and not this coded bullshit.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Well, shit.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I did my best to be friendly ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: And I get treated like shit.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: x3
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I think that's reason enough, eh?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I'm just ...
science_is_progress: Get help.
science_is_progress: Really.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: In general, tired with the uhh ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Elitists in this room
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: And every single one of you ...
science_is_progress: So you unload on me for what exactly?
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Is an oak
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Won't move a budge.
science_is_progress: Because I told you to not type stupid shit?
science_is_progress: Wow, yeah, get help.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I didn't type stupid shit xD
science_is_progress: You're typing stupid shit now.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: xD Dude, you need help more than I do ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Your perception is beyond fucked up
science_is_progress: Riiiiight, I'm the one going all psychotic on a stranger.
science_is_progress: Pretty sure you're the one who is going to end up without any friends if you treat people you don't even know with all this crap.
science_is_progress: But that ain't my problem.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: I don't treat -everyone- like this xD
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: But you're just as pathetic, you know
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: You're fighting back xD
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: When you said you were going to ignore me.
science_is_progress: I did ignore you, you switched sns.
science_is_progress: Which made me curious why anyone would try so hard.
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: So ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Maybe you can tell me ...
supreme_chlorophile_zetsu: Why a group of people
science_is_progress: But apparently I don't in fact know you so you can't be all that important and this conversation has gone absolutely nowhere except to prove that you are psychotic so yeah, going to ignore you now.
science_is_progress: Again...
The Dragonqueen_bowie on December 13th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
Wow. That's crazy, man.